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     Men's Cross Country
     Men's Golf
     Men's Soccer
     Men's Swimming and Diving
     Women's Cross Country
     Women's Golf
     Women's Soccer
     Women's Swimming and Diving
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Event Location:
Avery Research Center for African American History and Culture
     Avery Research Center
         Avery Room
         Cox Gallery
         McKinley Washington Auditorium
Charleston School of Law
     Chase Building
Dixie Plantation
Grice Marine Lab
     Marine Resources Library
     MRRI Auditorium at Fort Johnson
Harbor Walk
     Harbor Walk East
     Harbor Walk West
Main Campus
     10 Greenway
         Honors Center Room 200
     101 Wentworth Street
     103 Wentworth Street
     105 Wentworth Street
     107 Wentworth Street
     26 Glebe Street
     28 Coming Street
     284 King Street
         Office of Sustainability
     3 Coming Street
     32 Coming Street
     34 Coming Street
     35 Coming Street
     36 Coming Street
     43 Coming Street
     58 George Courtyard
     99 Wentworth Street
     Abiel Bolles House
     Addlestone Library
         Center for Student Learning
         Henry Brown Wing
         Room 120
         Room 227
         S. Odell Hawkins Café
         Special Collections
     Aiken House (Honors Center)
     AT&T Building (BellSouth Building)
         Room 201
         Room 209
         Room 215
         Room 216
         Room 217
         Room 219
         Room 308
         Room 309
         Room 310
         Room 312
         Room 315
         Room 316
         Room 320
         Room 321
         Room 323
         Room 324
         Room 400
         Room 403
         Room 404
         Room 405
         Room 406
         Room 408
         Room 411
         Room 412
         Room 414
         Room 415
         Room 416
         Room 417
         Room 519 (IT Conference Room)
     Beatty Center
         Atrium and Entryway
         Room 100 (Student Success Center)
         Room 115 (Auditorium)
         Room 120 (Trading Room)
         Room 201 (Board Room)
         Room 212
         Room 214
         Room 216
         Room 218
         Room 220
         Room 301
         Room 320
         Wachovia Auditorium
     Berry Hall
         Activity Room
         City Bistro
     Blacklock House
     Buist Rivers Residence Hall
         Hawkins Living-Learning Center
     Calhoun Annex
         Chapel Theatre
         CofC Radio Office
         Cougar Television Studio
         George Street Observer Office
         Miscellany Office
     Cameron House
     Casa Hispanica
     Cistern Yard
     College Lodge
     College of Charleston Bookstore
     College Street
     College Way
     Cougar Plaza (Cougar Mall)
     Craig Hall
         Admissions Center
         Admissions Center Courtyard
         Office of Admissions
     Craig Residence Hall and Craig Union
     Early Childhood Development Center
     Education Center
         Room 101
         Room 103
         Room 106
         Room 107
         Room 110
         Room 111
         Room 113
         Room 116
         Room 118
         Room 120
         Room 204 (Langauge Lab)
         Room 212
         Room 215
         Room 225 (Langauge Lab)
         Volpe Center
     Edward Leon Guenveur House
     Erckmann House
     Faculty House
     George Street
     George Street Apartments
     Glenn McConnell Residence Hall
     Higdon Student Leadership Center
     J.C. Long Building
     Jewish Studies Center
         Arnold Hall
         Karesh Lobby
         Levin Library
     John Kresse Arena
     John Rivers Communications Museum
         Room 301
     Johnson Center
         Exercise Deck Room 201
     Jonas Beard House
     Kelly House
     Kennedy House
     Knox-Lesesne House
     Liberty Street Fresh Food Company
     Liberty Street Residence Hall
     Lightsey Center
         Career Center, room 216
         Suite 247
     Lightsey Center Annex
     Lucas House
     Martindale-Bell House
     Maybank Hall
         Room 100
         Room 107
         Room 108
         Room 117
         Room 208
         Room 210
         Room 211
         Room 224
         Room 300
         Room 303
         Room 306
         Room 317
     McAlister Hall
     NPHC House
     Physicians Memorial Auditorium
     Physicians Promenade
     Porters Lodge
     President’s Garden
     President’s House
     Randolph Hall
         Alumni Memorial Hall
         Classics Museum
     Riley Institute
     Rita Hollings Science Center
         Room 121
         Room 126
         Room 204
         Room 218
         Room 239
     Rivers Green
     Rivers House
     Robert Scott Small Building
         Admissions Auditorium
         Room 003
         Room 101
         Room 102
         Room 103
         Room 104
         Room 105
         Room 106
         Room 235
         Room 236
         Room 245
         Room 250
         Room 252
         Room 253
         Room 319
         Room 353
     Rutledge Rivers Residence Hall
     School of Education, Health, and Human Performance Building
         Alumni Center
         Gangi Courtyard
         Jeremy Center
         Monica A. Janas Conference Room
     School of Sciences and Mathematics Building
         Auditorium NSCB 129
     Silcox Center
     Simons Center
         Main hall
         Recital Hall
         Robinson Theatre
         Room 309
         Theatre 220
     Sottile House
     Sottile Theatre
     Stern Student Center
         Room 201
         Room 205
         Room 206
         Room 307
         Room 408
         Room 409
         Room 413
     Tate Center
     TD Arena
     The Marion and Wayland H. Cato Jr. Center for the Arts
         Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art
     The Multicultural Student Center
     Towell Library
     Wagener House
     Warren Place
North Area Campus
     Lowcountry Graduate Center
Off Campus
     American Theater
     Andolini's Pizza
     Ashley Hall
     Bethel United Methodist Church
     Bishop England High School
     Blackbaud Stadium
     Bowen's Island
     Bulls Bay Golf Club
     Cannon Street YMCA
     Cathedral Church of St. Luke and St. Paul
     Charleston Air Force Base
     Charleston Maritime Center
     Charleston Museum
     Charleston Music Hall
     Charleston Visitors Center
     Citadel Square Baptist Church
     Coast Restaurant
     Cougar Point/Osprey Point Golf Courses
     Gaillard Municipal Auditorium
     Grace Episcopal Church
     James Island County Park
     Joe Riley Stadium
     John Wesleyan United Methodist Church
     Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim
     Knights of Columbus Hall
     Links at Stono Ferry
     Marion Square
     Mellow Mushroom
     Mt. Zion A.M.E. Church
     Music Farm
     North Charleston Coliseum
     North Charleston Performing Arts Center
     Oak Point Golf Course
     Porter-Gaud School
     South Carolina Aquarium
     St Matthews Lutheran Church
     St. Luke's Chapel (MUSC)
     Starbucks (168 Calhoun)
     Starbucks (corner of King and Calhoun)
     Sticky Fingers RibHouse
     Storybook Farms
     The City Gallery (34 Prioleau St.)
     The Second Presbyterian Church
     Wild Dunes
     Woodlands Inn
     Yeaman's Hall Golf Course
     Yo Burrito
Patriots Point Athletics Complex
Walker Sailing Complex
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